Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting my personal website! First of all I wanna introduce myself. My name is Lia Astuti, usually called Lia, 我的中文名字是李絲緹. I am currently a second-year of master student that taking master of science degree in a master program on information technology and applications (2020-2022), at National Quemoy University, Kinmen, Taiwan, as the first rank in department level and using the international students’ scholarship. (See my testimonial study in NQU, Taiwan). During my master degree, I learn several course that I interested, such as Docker, Kubernetes, Cisco, Mininet, Machine Learning, Neural Network, and Deep Learning. My research interest is about wireless networks, deep reinforcement learning, machine learning and deep learning. I have published several international journal and national conference in Taiwan: First as the corresponding author, which in KSII Transactions on Internet and Information Systems, 2022, Second as the first and corresponding author, which in Taiwan Academic Network Conference, TANET 2021, Third as the single and and corresponding author, which in Mingxin University of Science and Technology (MUST), Engineering Technology Application Conference 2021. Now, I am waiting for my international journal publication (under review status) as the corresponding author in Information and Communication Technology Express, I am also waiting for my Master Thesis's Oral Defense and Graduation that expected happen on July 2022.

      I graduated from my Bachelor of Education majoring International Program On Science Education (2015-2019) that has an International Accreditation by ASIC since 2017, Indonesia University of Education, Bandung, Indonesia, using West Java provincial government scholarship (2017-2018) and Academic achievement improvement scholarship, provided by the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education (2016-2017). During my bachelor degree, my research interest was about Web-Based Learning, Game-Based Learning, and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematic (STEM). I have published my bachelor degree thesis and two international journal. First, My Bachelor's Degree Thesis has been done as a single author, which in The Education University Repository, 2019, Second as the first and corresponding author, which in Jornal Science and Learning, 2020 and Third as the forth author which in Journal Science and Learning, 2021. In addition, during my bachelor degree life, I also active on several organization, project and volunteer, where thus all made me learn to develop my soft-skills, you can see in detail in sections: Project and Experience.


  • Master of Science

    Master Program of Information Technology and Applications, National Quemoy University | GPA 4.00/4.30 as the first rank in department level

  • Bachelor of Education

    International Program on Science Education (International accreditation by ASIC), Indonesia University of Education | GPA 3.51/4.00


  • Soft Skills
    • Public speaking • Communication
    • Leadership • Collaboration
    • Problem-solving • Critical-thinking
    • Creativity • Fast Learning
    • Visioner • Fast Adaptation
  • Hard Skills
    • Deep Reinforcement Learning • Reinforcement Learning
    • Machine Learning • Deep Learning
    • Wireless Network • Cisco
    • Mininet • Docker
    • Kubernetes • HTML 5
    • Linux • Python
  • Language Skills
    • Bahasa Indonesia • English | IELTS 6.0
    • Chinese | Conversational • Sundanese | Conversational




  • Project Experiences | Visit project section to know more detailed

    • Graduate Research Assistant, Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan |
    - MOST number: MOST 110-2221-E-507-001 -
    - Research on optimizing packet transmission wireless networks using deep reinforcement learning.
    - Focus on applying single-agent and multi-agent DRL on static and dynamic network environment scenarios.

    • Wine data analysis |
    - Comparing the highest accuracy performance using machine learning and deep learning techniques.
    - Predicting the most indicative features of wine quality.

    • Image data analysis of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor |
    - Image Classification of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor using deep learning (convolutional neural networks).

    • Applying interactive teaching media and Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) for junior high school students |
    - Developing interactive web-based learning for integrated science to improve students' motivation skills.
    - Developing game-based learning for learning solar system to enhance students' easier understanding skills.
    - Applying STEM project-based on-earth layer and disaster topics to improve students' problem-solving skills.

  • Participation Experiences | Visit experience section to know more detailed

    • Teaching English through storytelling for Kinmen's children organized by Kinmen government |
    • Video editing and teaching Bahasa for YouTube video, in NQU國際暨兩岸事務處 |
    • Participant in Taiwan Experience Education Program (TEEP), National Quemoy University |
    • The first winner of the entrepreneurship competition to create the military shoes using local skin of sheep and cow from Garut Township Indonesia, Indonesia University of Education |
    • Campus delegation for pre-service student-teacher exchange in southeast Asia, Tarlac Agricultural University laboratory junior high school, Philippines |
    • Event coordinator community service to improve the pupils' awareness of the use of cotton waste at Giriasih village, Indonesia | Target local elementary school students |
    - Coordinating 11 committees and we educated about 200 students.
    - Educate the participants to use strapping ropes from cotton waste to make the trash cans and flower pots.
    • Campus delegation for Global Goals Model United Nations (GGMUN), Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia |
    • Event coordinator of international cultures day as one of the campus anniversary big events (cultural exchange for international and local students), Indonesia University Education |
    - Coordinating 43 committees which result in about 600 audiences.
    • Participant of the on-campus beauty pageant, Indonesia University Education |
    • Campus delegation for youth entrepreneurship symposium, National University of Singapore, Singapore |

  • Organization Experiences

    • Student Association of International Program on Science Education
    - Secretary in Department Communication and Information Department |
    - General Secretary |

    • Student Executive Board of the Republic of Indonesia University of Education Students
    - Cabinet Secretary Ministry |

    • AIESEC in Bandung
    - Organization Commitee of Bandung Global Youth Conference |
    - Sales Team Leader of Incoming Global Volunteer Focus on Education |

  • Scholarship Experiences

    • Full international students' scholarship, provided by National Quemoy University |
    • West Java provincial government scholarships through west-java future leader|
    • Academic achievement improvement scholarship, provided by the government through the Ministry of Research, Technology, and Higher Education |

  • Working Experiences

    • Education Consultant, Virtu Education, Bandung, Indonesia |
    • Secretary to president director, PT Sarwa Manggalla Raya, Jakarta, Indonesia |
    • Science Teachers, Pelita Nusantara International Schools, Bandung, Indonesia |
    • Private Teachers for Elementary School and Junior High School, Bandung, Indonesia |