To configure the clock rate for the hardware connections on serial interfaces such as network interface modules (NIMs) and interface processors to an acceptable bit rate, use the clockrate command in interface configuration mode. When you set the clock rate for a serial interface, you are setting the speed of the interface, in other words, the bandwidth (bandwidth meaning rate of data transfer). When using this command it’s in the form of bits: 64000 bits = 64 kb. So, set the settings like the picture below,

Please, set your IP Address,

  • hostname Router

    do writ

    int s1/0

    ip addr IP Address

    no shutdown

    clock rate 64000

    do sh ip int brief


# writ (write) means to save your running config instead of using copy running-config startup-config command.

See the picture above, the command do sh ip int brief means to do show ip interface brief, so you can check everytime that you need to check your ip that is it correct or no. Now creating loopback interface, A loopback interface is a virtual interface that can be configured on a router. When we say it is a virtual interface this means that it logically exists but it does not exist physically (there is no physical interface and no cable to plug into it). Now try to run command,

  • hostname R1

    int lo 0

    ip addr

    no shutdown

    ip route s1/0

    do ping

    do ping source

Adapt and run the command above into Router2 also, see the result below,