In this section, I will share the big events that I organize as a leader.

Event coordinator community service to improve the pupils' awareness of the use of cotton waste at Giriasih village, Indonesia | Target local elementary school students | July-August 2018
- Coordinating 11 committees and we educated about 200 students.
- Educate the participants to use strapping ropes from cotton waste to make the trash cans and flower pots.

Event coordinator of international cultures day as one of the campus anniversary big events (cultural exchange for international and local students), Indonesia University Education | November 2017
- Coordinating 43 committees which result in about 600 audiences.

Event coordinator of Science Festival 2017, coordinating the science project competition which floating the air balloon experiment for Junior High Schools in West Java Indonesia, Indonesia University Education | October 2017
- Coordinating 4 committees to organize the science project competition
- Coordinating about 46 students who joined the Science Project