To join the organization was really important for me when I am in Bachelor Degree. The reason was just to improve my knowladge about myself and improve my personal soft-skills.

Joining a student organization allows me to learn a lot about myself, my aspirations, and my abilities. I may learn from how other students handle different scenarios and put my present knowledge to the test. I can also discover my strengths, such as multitasking, being organized, producing ideas, or assisting people.

Soft skills are essentially "people skills" - abilities that allow me to effectively engage with others, such as communication, attitude, and work ethic. Participating in student groups not only teaches me these skills, but it also allows you to broaden and improve your existing ones. I would grow emotional intelligence as I create new relationships and learn how to interact effectively with people and large groups.

When I was undergraduate students, I tried to make a balance between my college course and organization, I was joining three organizations started from 2016 to 2019. I join the organization in department level, university level, and international level. The role detail explanation wil explain below:

• Student Association of International Program on Science Education
- Secretary in Department Communication and Information Department | 2016-2017
- General Secretary | 2017-2018

• Student Executive Board of the Republic of Indonesia University of Education Students
- Cabinet Secretary Ministry | 2017-2018

• AIESEC in Bandung
- Organization Commitee of Bandung Global Youth Conference | 2017
- Sales Team Leader of Incoming Global Volunteer Focus on Education | 2018