The most crucial thing we need to know in order to communicate with others is language. Instead of using our local language to inform us about other countries' languages, we can study multiple languages. You can gain a lot by learning about another country's language. One of the benefits is that you will be able to connect and speak effectively with the locals, and you will have no difficulty traveling to different nations. Indonesia is one of the tourist destinations with numerous attractive tourist attractions.

I am as a local people of Indonesian, I am proud of the culture and language that Indonesia have. In Indonesia, there are at least 300 ethnic groups and over 300 different native languages are spoken. Each groups with its own set of customs and cultural items. That isn't to imply that cultures don't share some similarities or characteristics, but when reading this term, keep in mind the diversity that comes with it. What is commonly referred to as Indonesian culture is actually a reflection of the dominant culture or a mix of several comparable civilizations. Moreover, Bahasa Indonesia is our national language.

I get precious experience and so glad that I have the opportunity to teach and also edit the video to share my national language at NQU-OICA YouTube. I made 18 YouTube video that consisting of 18 syllabus then you can see the video above.