Taiwan Experience Education Project (TEEP) was founded in 2015 by Taiwan's Ministry of Education to encourage more overseas students to engage in short-term professional internship projects conducted by Taiwanese institutions and colleges. TEEP also offers overseas students to acquire a comprehensive education in Taiwan while simultaneously preparing for the Asian employment market.

I can get information about this opportunity from my bachelor's degree campus ( Office of International Education and Relation - Indonesia University of Education ) through alumni of the SEA-TEACHER in WhatsApp group. There are the opportunity to join the TEEP program in National Quemoy UNiversity, Taiwan. Firstly, I just look join the webinar and just see the unique place which is in Kinmen, Taiwan. It is really interesting because I was known that Taiwan just have 1 main island. However, after looking for detailed information, I was starting curious about the local culture, and It was a good started for me for learning Chinese. After my working contract has been finished in march 2020, I decided to join the program of TEEP, planning to go and arrived in Kinmen in April 8, 2020. But, Covid-19 case has been increased drastically in every country except Taiwan. This caused my flight was cancelled due to the pandemic. Time by the time, the NQU-OICA decided to teach traditional chinese through zoom meeting, and finally I can go and arrive from Indonesia to Kinmen in September, 2020.

It was good experience for me because event the chinese course is online but our teacher, Mr. Chen (陳堉杰老師) really teach effectively and the introduction of learning Chinese for the beginner is really works for me.

And finally, after the program is done. I continue to pursue my master degree and get precious experience also to work the project from ministry of education (you can visit here to know more detail about project), get great lecture, get a good friends, join the national conference, published the international journal, the NQU and Kinmen environment also is a good place to study, and more. Meanwhile, TEEP in NQU also provide a lots of activity even after the program done, such as the video above.