In this article, I will share my project experience in my master's and bachelor's degree. Like I have done to explain in about me section. I will explain more detail about the project that I ever done. All project that i have done will be done or has been done to publish wether in the international journal or conference. There are some project that has been published/proceeded to get publish and also haven't yet. For thus haven't yet and proceeded to get publish, I will just share simple explanation and the screenshot. For the project that has been publish in international journal or in conference, I will share the code and the article file.

The project that I made is working under several supervisor. You can visit these page:

Master's degree project:
Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning,
Single-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning,
Comparison of Machine Learning and Deep Learning algorithms,
Convolutional Neural Network Algorithm.

Bachelor's degree project:
Web-Based Learning,
Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics.